Poetry Slam

I am honoured to open the annual Ontario Poetry Slam at the eBar in Guelph, Ontario July 17, 2016 with some of my own poetry! Here's a sneak peak: 


Oh, luminescent template,
Guide into the depths.
She is a haven for escape.
She fits so comfortably in my automatic fingertips trained.
She forces me ne'er beyond the shallows,
And yet I know the whole world because of her.
My character less fragile in her encouraging portal.
Safe liberation from self-consciousness (I think),
As I am reinvented as the best version of myself. 
She encourages my exploration out of reach of imagination.
I take her up as my only arms -
And our relationship is a constant upgrade,
An update of the last spectacle.
A realm free of vulnerability.
She can erase all history, as I rewrite mine.
Saving half-solitary privacy; no face-to-face necessary.
Oh, sweet bright window,
She is my safety from society which notifies me constantly.

{A poem by Vanessa Tignanelli, March 24, 2016}