Through the Eyes of the Aging

A look at the health care system through the eyes of seniors in The Gambia, West Africa. 

Cataracts and glaucoma are rising public health concerns in The Gambia. Treatment remains inaccessible for the greater population. Specialized clinics are too expensive and too far a distance for those who are immobile or living in rural communities. 

Without assistance, many seniors cannot make the journey. They have been left behind as their children seek employment in urban centres. The government has no current system in place to provide home care for its senior citizens. 

Local organizations such as 'Ageing With A Smile Initiative' and 'Eye Care For All', have taken it upon themselves to provide health care to those who do not have access, while advocating for the dignity and rights of the country's elderly community. Until the government can provide more funding for these services, the country must rely on the generosity of volunteers and overworked staff to bring health care to those who are helpless and suffering in silence.

On assignment for Photographers Without Borders

June 2017

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