In September 2016, Dimitrios Tsafatinos (62) was diagnosed with prostate cancer, only weeks after the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health confirmed that he has bipolar disorder. His son, Konstantine (29) has taken on the responsibility of caring for his father full-time. Shortly after ending a three-year engagement and moving back into the family home in Toronto, Ont. to care for his father, Konstantine discovered that Dimitrios had been hiding an addiction to Percocets for 10 years. 

Seeing the state of his father, Konstantine put many of his ambitions on hold in order to become full- time caregiver and hold his family together. His mother abandoned them and hired lawyers for a divorce soon after learning of his father’s diagnosis. Since then, Konstantine has been in legal battles over ownership of the family home. While attempting to wean Dimitrios off of the pills he has been abusing, Konstantine must find the right combination of medications to help balance his father’s illnesses. Konstantine clings to his passion for music, writing poetry and playing drums for a few local bands. The pastime is necessary for him, as his days revolve around caring for his father. 

The past 8 months have not been the easiest for the Tsafatinos family, but it has certainly brought the boys closer together. With each passing day, Dimitrios becomes stronger and healthier. He is now in remission from prostate cancer, is no longer abusing painkillers, and is slowly discovering the right combination of medications to treat his bipolar disorder. Konstantine continues to support and live with his father, but is finding more opportunities to focus on becoming the man he wants to be.

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