Merkaba Acres spread in The Globe & Mail

The Globe and Mail has published my story on Merkaba Acres, a sustainable farm in Bobcaygeon, Ont. operated by a mother-daughter team with no previous experience in agriculture. 

Read article and photo essay here:

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Kimiko and her daughter Tessa over the past year, observing them as they take on the incredible job of operating a sustainable farm without any previous experience in agriculture. I am inspired by their philosophy, their approach to working with the crops and the animals in a way that restores and regenerates their 167-acre property in Bobcaygeon, Ont. 

They have taught me that farming can be a creative, intuitive process, and is available to anyone who is willing to dream and work hard for it. 

“Not everyone has the opportunity to explore a passion, an inclination to grow things or make things, or understand how nature works,” says Kimiko. “There’s so many things that can happen here, and my goal is to have a space that gives that opportunity to as many people as possible.” 

Learn about how a mother-daughter team is building a new life in rural Ontario. Special to The Globe & Mail, story and photos © Vanessa Tignanelli. Follow along their journey at Merkaba Acres.

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