1. COP26: In Your Hands Documentary

    2021-10-28 20:59:00 UTC
    Proud to have filmed the North American chapter of this documentary on #ClimateChange, where youth activists from six different continents ask world leaders to listen. Featuring HRH Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson “COP26: In Your Hands” will be on Sky News UK, in IMAX theatres, and screened at…

  2. Exhibition at Tom Thomson Art Gallery

    2021-10-25 20:43:00 UTC
    At the start of the pandemic, Dustin Seabrook (STILL Creates), myself, and Kimber Sider teamed up to produce a docuseries called “Project Isolation”, which brought together people’s personal accounts of navigating quarantines and the news of COVID-19 around the globe It is exciting to see Episode 2 of this three-part…

  3. Merkaba Acres spread in The Globe & Mail

    2021-09-27 20:01:00 UTC
    The Globe and Mail has published my story on Merkaba Acres, a sustainable farm in Bobcaygeon, Ont. operated by a mother-daughter team with no previous experience in agriculture.  Read article and photo essay here: I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Kimiko and her daughter Tessa over the…

  4. “To Be Both” Solo Art Exhibition

    2021-09-23 20:06:00 UTC
    “To Be Both” explores Vanessa Tignanelli’s sense of self and place, as a transient photojournalist who returned to her hometown in the North to get married. Using 3D sculpture, installation, collage, painting, and photography, she has returned to an art practice to share her own story for the first time,…

  5. Wedding Photography: Colin & Ilham

    2021-07-20 16:47:00 UTC
    Colin & Ilham’s Wedding, Midland, Ontario, February 29th 2020

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