1. Ciel Variable Magazine Reviews “Wilds of the West”

    13 Nov 2020
    Five years ago, I went on tour with my band across Canada to the Yukon Territory, and never could have predicted what I would discover by bringing my camera. I paired portraits with tales of my encounters with the beautiful transient folks we met on the road. “Wilds of the…

  2. Real Estate Photography and Video

    18 Jun 2020
    Real Estate photography and video, highlighting the beautiful home and property found at 460 Peninsula Road, North Bay, Ontario.  Commissioned by Anita Kapitanchuk, Royal LePage North Bay.  Shot and edited by Vanessa Tignanelli, February 2020.

  3. CBC Radio features Working Women story

    17 Jun 2020
    On June 10, 2020 CBC Radio One reached out to interview me on my exclusive story “The Working Women of Newfoundland”, shot on assignment for True North Photo Journal.   Ted Blades of CBC’s “On the Go” wanted to know more about the process of finding the 21 women who participated…

  4. The Working Women of Newfoundland

    27 May 2020
    In a province with the country’s second largest wage gap, 21 women help us understand the fight against gender discrimination in Newfoundland’s male-dominated workforce. Women in Newfoundland make 70 cents for every dollar a man makes. As a resource development province, having an economy highly dependent on fisheries, lumber, mining…

  5. “Hollie’s Dress” Hot Docs Selection and more!

    05 May 2020
    This past fall, I was asked by renowned photojournalist Annie Sakkab to assist in making her first documentary film for CBC Docs.  It was an incredible opportunity to learn her process, and to meet the family of the girl who opened her life for us to capture.  Hollie lives in…

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