1. CBC Radio features Working Women story

    17 Jun 2020
    On June 10, 2020 CBC Radio One reached out to interview me on my exclusive story “The Working Women of Newfoundland”, shot on assignment for True North Photo Journal.   Ted Blades of CBC’s “On the Go” wanted to know more about the process of finding the 21 women who participated…

  2. The Working Women of Newfoundland

    27 May 2020
    In a province with the country’s second largest wage gap, 21 women help us understand the fight against gender discrimination in Newfoundland’s male-dominated workforce. Women in Newfoundland make 70 cents for every dollar a man makes. As a resource development province, having an economy highly dependent on fisheries, lumber, mining…

  3. “Hollie’s Dress” Hot Docs Selection and more!

    05 May 2020
    This past fall, I was asked by renowned photojournalist Annie Sakkab to assist in making her first documentary film for CBC Docs.  It was an incredible opportunity to learn her process, and to meet the family of the girl who opened her life for us to capture.  Hollie lives in…

  4. River & Sky 2019

    14 Aug 2019
    Some favourite moments from River & Sky camping and music festival at Fishers’ Paradise in Field, Ont. July 2019. All photos © Vanessa Tignanelli / RIVER&SKY(Please contact for digital copies and additional photos not featured here.) 

  5. Hillside 2019

    29 Jul 2019
    Some favourite moments from Hillside Festival. July 12-14th, 2019. Guelph, Ontario.All photographs © Vanessa Tignanelli Installation by Eric Robillard Cartel Madras & Snotty Nose Rez Kids Snotty Nose Rez Kids The Pairs The Pairs The Pairs Amanda Rheaume Amanda Rheaume Amanda Rheaume Cartel Madras Alan Doyle The Wilderness The Wilderness …

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