“To Be Both” Solo Art Exhibition

“To Be Both” explores Vanessa Tignanelli’s sense of self and place, as a transient photojournalist who returned to her hometown in the North to get married. Using 3D sculpture, installation, collage, painting, and photography, she has returned to an art practice to share her own story for the first time, attempting to interlace two opposing sides of herself: the feminist freelancer and the future wife. The goal was to create work that heals the fear that we must choose between our desires, or will fall quietly into stereotypes if we do.

This work is supported by ICAMP at Canadore College and the Ontario Arts Council.

A digital tour of the exhibition and an Artist Talk will be accessible online soon. Please book your visit to see the show at http://kennedygallery.org/ . Exhibition runs September 24th until October 29th, 2021.

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