NPAC National Pictures of the Year Awards

It’s a real honour to be recognized by NPAC / APPC National Pictures of the Year awards as Student Videographer of the Year across Canada! I returned to study photojournalism at Loyalist College in 2016 to learn more about video, and this award tells me that I fulfilled my goal! Also very thrilled to have received a nomination for my portfolio and 2nd place for Student Photographer of the Year. I had the privilege of photographing some of the most challenging situations and the strongest people I’ve known this past year, and have grown so much because of them. We share in the success of having these stories acknowledged. Congrats to Andrew Ryan for receiving first place, you worked so hard the past year, it was well-deserved. A huge congrats to my friend Chris Donovan for taking home 8 awards including Photojournalist of the Year! Somehow he remains the most humble - always so proud to know you. And to Ian Willms and Brett Gundlock at Boreal Collective for their nominations and wins…your work is among the most powerful and authentic. I can’t wait to begin working with you now that the student chapter has ended! *cue the get-off-the-stage music*

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