Can’t Escape The Escape Movement

Here is a person who has made a difference. Andrew Morrison created a feeling, not simply locally-made clothing with his brand The Escape Movement in North Bay, Ontario. Many of you will recognize the feather. His aim has always been to celebrate the beauty of the north and the freedom of creativity. He has that very special “we can do anything together” mentality that made making this video heartbreaking in the beginning, until he started dancing to “Body” by Loud Luxury. Whatever he decides to do next, I know he will succeed. If good things are meant to happen to good people, then Andy Mo has nothing but the greatest of fortunes coming his way. Check out the film we put together as Andy announces the future of The Escape Movement after eight incredible years. Thanks to everyone who supplied me with promo footage, and who have supported the brand in their own way over the years. We love you Andy, and we wear our feathers proudly.

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